The Sleep and Biological Rhythms Research and Treatment Unit

  • The entire unit is an artificially controlled climate chamber that allows for strict control of room temperature, humidity, lighting, and noise, and is designed for a maximum of six participants (patients or study participants) to live there extended periods of time.
  • We use the unit for foundational research, clinical research, clinical trials, sleep disorder diagnosis, and chronotherapy.
  • We can conduct various sleep research studies in the unit including polysomnography, assessment of arousal levels, psychomotor functions, autonomic functions as well as qualitative hormone tests.

Living Room with a Light Exposure Device

  • Length 8.7 m, Width 7.8m, Height 2.5 m
  • We can control room temperature (20 to 30°C ±.5°C) and humidity (40 to 60% RH ± 2.5%) via an air conditioning control panel in the control room.
  • The noise level is below 50 dB (as in a quiet office and in normal conversation) and is completely isolated from external sound.
  • Illumination can be fully controlled at any point between 0 to 2,500 lux. Right in front of the light panel, illumination can reach 15,000 lux.
  • The room is also installed with the antennae for the telemetry biological information collection system, infrared video cameras, and an intercom for the control room among other features.

Examination Room

  • Length 2.5 m, Width 2.5 m, Height 2.1 m
  • Along with a bed, desk, and chair, the room contains an amp for the polygraph measurement system, a portable telemetry biological information collection system, an infrared video camera, and a PC for cognitive function testing.


Control Room

  • Polygraph signals (EEG, ECG, EMG, respiration, oxygen saturation, snoring sound, posture, and position) collected in the research room are sent to the 6 electroencephalographs housed in the control room, and audio-video signals captured by the infrared video camera are recorded and stored on a hard drive.
  • The portable telemetry biological information collection system uses radio waves to transmit the patients’ or study participants’ core body temperature, body surface temperature, and heart rate data to the control room, where the information is displayed and recorded.

Genetic Research and Biochemistry Research

We analyze blood, skin, urine, and saliva samples from the patients and study participants in our research labs, equipped for DNA and RNA analysis, gene expression analysis, and the measurement of hormone concentrations.